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We Collect Some Information
To provide better products and services to our customers and improve our marketing and sales, we collect some information from our website users. We collect all the information under users’ consent.

There are 3 main data collections on this website.Holiday Inflatable Wholesale.

Inquiry form
Email subscription form
Google analytics data
Inquiry Form
An inquiry form is a form for our users to submit their desired products to us to know some basic information about those products they choose, such as prices, shipping, and lead time. In this form, we will collect some users’ personal or business data, include user name(required), email address(required), company(optional), phone number(optional).

Email Subscription Form
The email subscription form is the form for our users to submit their emails to us to add to our mailing list and get occasional emails on product promotions and new design product notifications. In this form, we will collect only the user’s email address.

Google Analytics Data
We implement google analytics script (free version) on our website to gain statistics data of all our users. Those statistical data help us know where our users come to visit our website and how they interact with our website. All of those google analytic data are anonymous and non-PII(personally identifiable information).

We implement cookies on our website, our website is also using the free version of Cloudflare CDN, the cookies are anonymous and can not identify a specific user. The main function of cookies is about saving cart items our user adds. All the cookies automatically will be expired and useless when the expiration date comes.

How We Use the Data
For user names, to communicate with our users through emails and phones, we need to know the names.

For emails, we use them to keep in contact with our buyers. Occasionally we will send subscription emails and notification emails for further communications, the number is 2 – 3 each month.

For website analytics data, it’s for better understanding website users' actions and behaviors so that we can provide the most appropriate products and services to existed and potential buyers.

For cookies, the cookies are processed by Google Analytics for statistics analytics.

All the Data is Safe
Our website is fully on HTTPS, which means all the pages our user's visit are encrypted and no one will know what they are.

We store our data in a highly secure web server with strict firewall safety configurations and server safety software protection.

We don’t and never share our users’ data with any others, we highly value all of our user's privacy rights. We will fight our best to not leak any user information.

How to Delete Your Information
Our users have the right to ask us to delete their data.

Since we don’t have an accounting system on the website, if any users want to delete the information they submitted before, they can contact us via email, phone, or other forms of contact to inform us of their deletion request. At the time we receive the request, we will delete all the personal data in 24 hours (because of the time difference).

The maximum information we hold for each user only contains the user name, email address, company name, and phone number. If a user wants to get their info or ask to delete them, those four are all we will send or remove.

For cookies, users can delete their cookies to our website through the browser’s in-built function. Take chrome, for example, users can open setting -> advanced -> Content settings -> Cookies -> See all cookies and site data, then search for our site’s cookies by typing our website name.

For email subscriptions, if a user wants to opt-out and doesn’t want any more emails from us, he or she can always unsubscribe from this service by clicking the link in the mail or contact us to get remove. Our mailing list service uses Mail Chimp.

Changing of Privacy Policy
Channal reserves the right to amend our privacy policy if we find it needs to be done. Any changes are made, we will immediately inform all our users and let them know clearly the exact changes we’ve made. We will show the notice messages on the website and also send out emails to existed members. All the changes we will make would not harm our visitors and buyers, so don’t worry.

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